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Emma's Dreamcatcher Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$24.00 per Bottle
$288.00 per Case
Tasting Notes
Emma Salvestrin, age 16, began this project in 2011 as a means of purchasing a horse of her own. She harvested the olives from trees on our estate vineyard property in St. Helena, producing a whopping 140 bottles of olive oil. Since then, we have had no olives on our trees to harvest! This lack of olives did not stop the phone from ringing with orders for more oil! Emma, being the entrepreneur that she is, decided to go out and source some olive oil from one of the many growers in California. She sampled and sampled from various lots of olive oil and finally found one that she loved. This 65 case bottling consists of Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Southern Central Valley.
Production Notes
Every bottle has been hand bottled and hand labeled by Emma
Varietal Composition 100% Arbequina 100% EVOO
Harvest Date 2014
Bottling Date August 2014
Size 375 ml